Best and Life Changing Volunteer and Travel Experience in Sri Lanka.

Volunteer in Sri Lanka with SLVP

SLVP - Sri Lanka Volunteer and Travel program, is a place for people around the globe who care about others, and who want to share their love, friendship, talents, knowledge and experience voluntarily with those in need.
The primary goal of this volunteer project is to play a responsible and beneficial role in developing Sri Lankan communities where extra help and care are needed in the fields of education, health care, social empowerment, and environmental and wildlife conservation. By harnessing the energy and ideas of international volunteers, as well as those from Sri Lanka, we hope to achieve our goal, and many others too.
Our experience tells us that the volunteers who contribute to this endeavour will undergo a life changing experience in Sri Lanka, seeing at first hand the rich, varied culture and traditions of this beautiful country, and achieving a deep understanding of Sri Lankan society and its way of life.

Why Sri Lanka needs Volunteers?

Volunteers play a crucial and beneficial role in countries all over the world, despite the challenges and difficulties they sometimes meet. But volunteering is a two way street: it is about what you receive and learn from your experience, as well as what you give in terms of your time and skills.
Sri Lanka is a developing country with much to achieve in order to become a self-sufficient nation. Her aims and goals are not easily achievable without the help of others, especially from the international community. Education, child care, wildlife conservation and environmental protection are just a few of the areas for which we seek international support, in addition to local resources, in order to strengthen the process of development.
We at Sri Lanka Volunteer Program (SLVP) believe that international volunteers who have a strong desire to help others can make a big difference to the lives of people in need. Through our volunteer projects in Sri Lanka, we aim to assist the areas of the Sri Lankan community where help is most needed while providing you a best, life-changing and ‘meaningful’ volunteer and travel experience.
Will you join us for the journey of a lifetime?

05 Key Things to Select SLVP to Volunteer in Sri Lanka.
  1. Projects - SLVP is committed to improving the lives of children, the community and Sri Lanka’s wildlife
  2. Support - SLVP volunteers enjoy safe, comfortable accommodation and direct access to SLVP managers – no third parties
  3. Direct Impact - SLVP volunteers make a difference in the lives of children by improving self-esteem and confidence as well as language skills.
  4. Quality - SLVP is an ethical organization with high standards and a duty of care to its projects and volunteers.
  5. Value – Affordable program fee includes arrival transfer, project orientation, accommodation, meals and 24/7 support from in-country team.

Sri lanka volunteer & Travel Program (SLVP) Success Stories

I have had a very enjoyable three weeks here in Kurunegala and feel like I have done a contribution to a very worthwhile project
Oliver Butterworth
“I’ve had a fantastic time and feel the project here is incredibly worthwhile. It is a huge credit to you and Eshantha that the girls home is such a lovely place to be”
Viv Insley
“I’ve loved every minute of my time here and have enjoyed going to every home. Each place holds a special place in my heart and I really can’t wait to return”
Corrine Spencer
“My time here has been remarkable and most interesting and I have so many memories to treasure forever.”
Marjorie Gardner
“Through working at the school, the homes and the conversation classes, I have got to know the lovely people living in this area. Thank you for making sure I got the project I wanted”
Lucy Martin


Volunteer in a Children’s Home- Kandy

Spend your holiday at a convent in Sri Lanka’s lush hill country volunteering with more than 50 girls aged 5 to 18 and nearly 20 infants aged under 4. Kandy is an ancient city and a UNESCO world heritage site rich with history.

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Volunteer in a Children’s Home – Colombo

If you are looking for a volunteer project which gives you the opportunity to develop your teaching English qualification, here is the opportunity! Teach English, art and crafts, play cricket, football and do more

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Volunteer at Sputnik Girls’ Home – Kurunegala

Experience a meaningful holiday with 20 delightful girls aged 6-18 years. Teach English, help with homework, arts and crafts, sing, dance and simply spend time with them to make them

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Volunteer in Turtle Conservation Project

Learn about turtles and help to protect them. Teach English to the children in the community and help women working at the community development centre to develop their livelihood by making and selling hats and bags.

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Sri Lanka Profile

Sri Lanka, often described as ‘the pearl of the Indian Ocean’, is a small island country off the southern tip of India. The main religions of Buddhism and Hinduism reflect the two main cultures of Sinhalese and Tamil respectively. While Sri Lanka has suffered recently with the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 and the end of a bitter civil war in 2009, the country has entered a new era of peace and offers travellers an extraordinary experience.

Blessed with stunning natural beauty, visitors may explore lush, green hill country studded with tea plantations and sacred peaks in the central south where elephants still roam in their natural habitat; rivers meandering through wetlands and coastal plains supporting numerous species of reptiles and water birds; and picturesque beaches fringed by swaying coconut palms, sanctuary to such animals as sea turtles and migrating whales.

Steeped in culture and tradition, Sri Lanka’s rich history reaches back over 3000 years. Visit the ancient cities of the Cultural Triangle, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in the North Central Province or enjoy the relative cool mountain air of the country’s second biggest city, Kandy, and witness the drama and excitement of traditional Kandyan dance. More modern influences of occupation by the Portuguese, Dutch and British are visible all over the island, particularly in the southern coastal town of Galle.

The people of Sri Lanka, although often shy, are warm, welcoming and famous for their hospitality. Family and religion are cornerstones of Sri Lankan culture and both institutions are highly respected. You are sure to be invited to indulge in the tantalising and unique flavours of Sri Lankan cuisine. Based on the freshest of help writing my essay ingredients and fragrant spices, meals are usually cooked over open fires and always cooked with love.


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