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Project Overview

Project Sputnik Girls Home, Kurunegala
Project Location Project City – Kurunegala (72.2 Km from Colombo International Airport- 1 ½ Hours)
Project Days Monday to Friday (08:00 – 17:00)
Activities Working with Children, Teaching at the Preschool and the Local Government School, Games, Sports, Arts and Crafts, Gardening, Helping the staff etc.
Facility Fee
Please request for a quotation that meets your budget.
Gender & Age Females and Married Couples. Over 18 years
Accommodation Volunteer House with Wi-Fi

What is Included in Your Package

Accommodation Separate, shared and safe accommodation at the project
Food Three meals and Tea
Airport Pickup By In-country Coordinator
Support In-country team & 24 hour Emergency Support

What is NOT Included in Your Package

Flights, Travel/ Medical Insurance, Visa/ Visa extension Fees, Local Transport, Airport drop off


Project Description

Sputnik Girls’ Home is situated in a very beautiful and peaceful rural village called Kanumale, surrounded by mature coconut trees. It is just 6 km away from the centre of one of Sri Lanka’s main cities, Kurunegala. The Girls’ Home opened in November 2007, and provides a loving, secure home for twenty(20) girls aged 6 to 18 years who have been orphaned, abandoned or destitute due to various social, cultural and economic reasons.

The main objective of Sputnik Girls’ Home is to protect and nurture our girls, and to help them grow into happy, confident, well-educated young women who are ready to join Sri Lankan society as well rounded, independent adults. The management of the Home makes every possible effort to provide the girls with all the facilities, education, health care, food and shelter they need, and above all, the love, care and safety they deserve.

We’re immensely proud that as a result of the dedication and the commitment of the Sputnik management, the Girls’ Home won first place in a competition to find the ‘model orphanage’ from among all the other homes in the North Western Province, within just three years of opening.

All the girls go to a school which is just a 1 km walk from the Home. Some of the girls are very talented, and have won prizes at various inter-school and provincial competitions. The management has also organised various types of after school clubs at the Home to develop their skills and talents, such as arts & crafts, traditional dancing, singing, sports etc.

Sputnik girls have become used to foreign volunteers, and grow very fond of them. They love to learn from them, to play with them, and just be around them. So this is a great opportunity for both the girls and the volunteers to share their ideas, talents and experiences, and make new friends.

Celebrating a birthday at Sputnik Girls Home

Sputnik is Celebrating the 13th Anniversary

Pioneer volunteer at the Sputnik girls home

Pioneer volunteers – Viv, Evelyn, Holly, Steph, Sam.

Project Schedule

Here is a typical daily schedule for the Girls’ Home, including the volunteers’ timetable.

Typical timetable for week days

Time Schedule for the girls Schedule for the volunteers Remarks
06:45 am Girls go to school Volunteers accompany the girls to school, and then carry out tasks at the Home. See table – 2 below for the list of activities.
01:45 pm Girls return home, rest and have lunch Volunteers may accompany the girls’ home, then help the staff to prepare and serve lunch for the girls. Volunteers can have their lunch before the girls arrive or if they prefer, dine with the girls.
03:00 pm Various activities such as cleaning up, playing games, gardening, housekeeping and educational activities etc. Volunteers assist the girls with their daily chores, and most importantly with their studies and educational tasks. Volunteers can teach English, arts and crafts, other subjects, and skill development activities etc. If you are creative, the sky’s the limit!
05:30 pm Time for a shower and to engage in religious observances, meditation etc. Time to have a shower and relax. Volunteers are free to do anything. They can either rest or help the kitchen staff to prepare dinner for the girls.
06:30 pm The girls watch TV, read, or do their school homework. Volunteers are free to help the girls, and to read with them if desired. This period is flexible depending on what is required.
7:30 pm Dinner Dinner End of the working day.


01 Help the staff members to clean the girls’ dormitory and tidy up the premises.
02 Work at the organic vegetable garden (Hands-on work such as watering, weeding, digging, fertilizing etc.) Sputnik Girls’ Home has recruited a well-qualified Agriculture teacher to maintain the organic garden. Volunteers can help, under the garden staff’s supervision. This includes landscaping too. The land comprises nearly 3 acres and we wish to expand the vegetable garden. (The aim is to reduce the cost of outside food and to give the children 100% chemical-free, home grown fruits and vegetables)
03 Work at ‘SOME’ project – Skill Development Centre. Volunteers help the staff working on this exciting project. This will be a new experience for the volunteers. Work is 100% hands-on, no machinery is used. If you are creative and good at hand or machine sewing, you will enjoy this project very much. Dyeing of cotton cloths using natural pigments extracted from trees and even tea leaves. This is an organic project. Dyed cloths are used to make items such as table cloths pouches, bags etc. This project is to provide vocational training and job opportunities for the girls, and to raise funds for the Home.
05:30 pm Time for a shower and to engage in religious observances, meditation etc. Time to have a shower and relax.
06:30 pm The girls watch TV, read, or do their school homework. Volunteers are free to help the girls, and to read with them if desired.
7:30 pm Dinner Dinner

This timetable is only for weekdays (Monday to Friday); the weekends are free for your own activities. If volunteers would like to work at the weekends and/or on holidays, the timetable can be adjusted accordingly.

The above timetable is flexible, apart from school hours, and changes can be made to suit the interests and skills of the volunteers, and the availability of the work. We want all volunteers to get the most out of their stay at the project, as well as your time with us benefiting the girls as much as possible. So please share your ideas with us; we welcome new suggestions as to how we can help you and the girls have the happiest and most fruitful time together.

Skills & Qualifications Required for Children’s Home Projects

No specific academic qualifications are required, but you will need to be able to speak, read and write English to a good standard. You will also need enthusiasm, energy, patience, adaptability, and a good sense of humor! You will need to be able to work on your own initiative, after initial training and guidance. On these projects you will not be provided with a daily or weekly schedule of activities; you will need to be creative, and put together your own schedule that suits the group you’re working with. This can be flexible to start with, while you get to know the group, their names (always a challenge!), and their level of English.

Resources available

Resources available at the project and what to bring from home.
The project is fully equipped with resources that are needed for all activities, including teaching materials. But volunteers are encouraged to bring anything that can be used for their teaching sessions, such as pictures, story books, writing materials, flash cards etc. The nearby town also has several very good educational bookshops that sell a wide variety of educational aids, often at a fraction of the cost found in other countries.

Gloves, trousers and T-shirts (2 sets) that can be used when doing manual work.


The volunteers will be staying in a very well-equipped, Wi-Fi enabled, comfortable house just a few meters away from the Girls’ Home, specifically reserved for foreign volunteers and guests. It has 4 large, comfortable rooms which can be shared by up to 3 persons. There are two western-style attached bathrooms with hot and cold water.

There is a fully equipped kitchen for the guests to make their own meals, cups of tea/coffee etc. Mosquito nets and bedding are provided, but volunteers should bring items for their personal use such as toiletries, lavatory paper, insect repellant, bottled water, etc. Most items can be bought locally if you run short, but if you have a favourite brand of sanitary items we recommend you bring them with you.

What is around and things to do in your free time.

There’s plenty to see and do during your free time. The main city, Kurunegala is just 6 km away from the Girls‘ Home and your accommodation, and is easily and cheaply reached by the very frequent buses and three-wheelers, or ‘tuk-tuks’. There are numerous local shops within walking distance. There is internet access and a library at Sputnik main office, which is just 2 km from your accommodation. Banks, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels are in the main city. Kurunegala city is one of the biggest cities in Sri Lanka, but its centre is compact and easily navigated. Direct buses and trains are available to all the major cities and places of interests. Kurunegala city is known as the transport hub of the country; you can reach virtually anywhere from there. Buses and trains run from very early in the morning, when it is coolest, to well into the evening. All services become less frequent from late afternoon, and we recommend a reasonably early start to maximise your day.

  • Kandy 45 minutes
  • Colombo 2 to 3 hours depending on the mode of traveling (bus/ train) and the time of day.
  • 70 Km to Colombo international airport (1 hour and 30 minutes max).
  • All the historic places are within a maximum of 3 hours journey. (Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigirya, etc.).
  • Direct trains and buses to the south, and some of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful beaches and its tourist areas.

Project Location (Map)

Kurunegala on Wikipedia