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SLVP: Terms and Conditions of Volunteer Placements


This Volunteer Services Agreement is a legall the write stuff thinking through essays binding contract which sets forth all of the terms and conditions of Your agreement with SLVP. As part of Your application process, You are required to verify and affirm that You have read and thoroughly reviewed this contract and that You understand, entirely accept and agree to be bound by all of its terms. All services and volunteer arrangements provided by or through SLVP are subject to this contract and Your completion of an application and/or corresponding payment of any fee to SLVP confirms your contractually binding agreement to all of the terms and conditions of this contract. If you have any questions regarding this contract, please email proofreading essay SLVP and we will be happy to assist you. However, this document, including any referenced exhibits hereto, is the sole source of any obligations and/or services to be provided by SLVP and therefore no oral or other communications or documents regarding the substance of this agreement are relevant or binding upon SLVP. You should retain legal counsel to assist you if you do not fully understand any provision included in this document.


1. Definitions


This Agreement includes certain key terms that are specifically defined in the Definitions that follow. Other defined terms may be included in body of the Agreement. Defined terms are indicated by a capitalized letter at the beginning of the term and shall have the meaning and intent respectively defined below:

  • “Agreement” shall mean this Volunteer Services Agreement between You, as the Applicant, and SLVP, including other written exhibits that may be referenced herein and/or attached to this document.
  • “Applicant” shall mean the specific person identified on the Term Sheet that enters into this Agreement with SLVP and may generally be used interchangeably with “You” or “Your” when possessively referring to You.
  • “Country Coordinator” means the person in the Host Country who organizes and coordinates Placements of Participants.
  • “SLVP” shall mean Sri Lanka Volunteer & Travel Program and may generally be used interchangeably with “We” or “Us” or “Our” when possessively referring to Us.
  • “Host Country” shall mean Sri Lanka in which Applicant is placed to perform volunteer services.
  • “Host Family” shall mean the people in the Host Country who provide living accommodations and meals to Participants during the Project, but may occasionally also include a hostel or similar accommodation.
  • “Participants” shall collectively refer to persons that have volunteered services pursuant to an agreement entered into with SLVP and generally includes the Applicant.
  • “Placement” shall mean the general process of placing Participants in a particular services Project located within the Host Country.
  • “Program Fees” shall mean the applicable and agreed fees to be paid to SLVP by Applicant.
  • “Project” shall mean the specific venture and/or activity for which a Participant is engaged and selected to provide volunteer services, as more fully specified in the Term Sheet.
  • “Project Period” shall mean the length of time for which a Participant is scheduled to work in the Host Country in completion of the Project, as more fully specified in the Term Sheet.
  • “Project Staff” shall mean the directors, managers, employees, representatives and/or other agents that are responsible for or otherwise in charge of the Project for which Applicant is providing volunteer services hereunder.
  • “Volunteer Coordinators” shall mean the respective entities and organizations that coordinate and organize volunteer projects and primarily decide which Projects within their organization require the volunteer services to be provided by Participants.


2. Services Provided by SLVP


2.1 Placement of Participants. In consideration of Your payment of the Program Fees identified in the Term Sheet and the volunteer services to be provided by You pursuant to this Agreement, SLVP agrees to arrange a volunteer Project the Host Country (Sri Lanka) for which You shall provide volunteer services during the duration of the Project Period. Additional specific terms of the Project and the volunteer services to be provided by You are provided in the Term Sheet. SLVP is not obligated to perform any other services for or on behalf of You other than those specific services identified in this Section 2. Unless specifically provided otherwise in this Agreement, You shall remain solely responsible for paying any and all costs and expenses related to your participation in any Project and/or Placement.

2.2 Placement Arrangements. SLVP will review and research Your Placement requests and attempt to reasonably match Your personal interests or preferences with the list of Projects available. Since Volunteer Coordinators control all Placements and corresponding Projects, SLVP has no control over which Placements and/or Projects are available and which Participants are actually accepted by the Volunteer Coordinators and/or Project Staff for a specific Project. As a result, You are required to be flexible with regard to Placements and the specific Project that is ultimately selected and approved.

2.2.1 Project Selection. If, after Your arrival in the Host Country, You are dissatisfied with Your Project, SLVP will likely be unable to timely find an alternative Project for You; however, the Country Coordinator will work with You and the Volunteer Coordinator to try to resolve any difficulties as quickly as practicable. SLVP is not obligated to find an alternative Project if You are simply dissatisfied with the Project selected for You and identified in the Term Sheet.

2.2.2 Placement or Project Variance. In some cases, the actual Placement or Project may differ slightly from the Placements and/or Projects described on Our website or in any related literature. Also, on many occasions, Project Staff may request that You assist with some additional jobs or services that are related to the assigned Project. If a Project terminates or other circumstances require the Country Coordinator to move You from one Project to another within the country, the Country Coordinator will arrange transportation from Your old Project to Your new Project and SLVP will advise You of this change as soon as reasonably possible.

If a Project change is required before You leave for the Host Country help writing essays, SLVP will attempt to find an alternative Project for You on availability of a suitable Project. If SLVP is unable to confirm an alternative Project or You do not wish to accept the alternative Project selected for You, SLVP will refund to You any monies that may be due to You pursuant to section 5 below.

2.3 Country Coordinator. Country Coordinator is available in the Host Country. The Country Coordinator serves as the primary contact for You in the Host Country during the Project Period. The primary purpose of the Country Coordinator is to welcome You to the Host Country and to assist You in getting situated to complete the Project. Specifically, the Country Coordinator will, during the Project Period, assist You with: (i) arrival in the Host Country by meeting You, when possible, at the airport; (ii) arranging for room and board in the Host Country with the Host Family or hostel; (iii) orientation for the Host Country, its culture, the Host Family, general safety precautions, and related issues; (iv) introductions of You to the Host Family and, when reasonably possible, the Project Staff; and (v) offer emergency help or support if reasonably possible and as needed. Once You are introduced to the Host Family, the Country Coordinator will periodically contact You, usually in 2-4 week intervals, to ensure that the Project is proceeding satisfactorily. In rare circumstances, the Project is located a great distance form the office of the Country Coordinator. In such an event, the Country Coordinator will not be available to drive You to Your Project and will be limited to providing You with guides and/or driving instructions and You will therefore be required to travel to the Project by Yourself.

2.4 Airport Reception. The Country Coordinator or an other representative will pick You up from the airport if You timely inform Us of your flight schedule, in writing, at least four weeks in advance of Your arrival in the Host Country. Unfortunately, travel delays in developing countries are a common occurrence. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Country Coordinator or representative fails to arrive within three hours of Your scheduled arrival in the Host Country, You should travel to the local contact hotel (or any nearby hotel) and call the Country Coordinator. The cost of transporting You to the airport at the completion/ End of the Project Period is solely Your responsibility and is not covered as part of the Program Fees if it is not stated in the particular program. If Your flight is delayed or otherwise changed, please go to the contact hotel (or any nearby hotel), and SLVP will reimburse You for the cost of traveling to the contact hotel (up to a maximum of USD$27) upon Your furnishing of a travel receipt to the Country Coordinator.

2.5 Host Family. SLVP arranges for a Host Family to provide living accommodations and meals for You during the Project Period. In terms of accommodations and meals, SLVP assumes no responsibility beyond arrangements for the Host Family to provide such services to You. You are solely responsible for arranging Your own accommodations and meals, at Your sole expense, if You arrive early or stay after the Project Period.

2.5.1 Accommodations. Accommodations vary among project placements and may also depend upon local conditions, the specific Project, or different programs. The accommodations will be basic to moderate but will vary depending upon the location/ city. Hygienic conditions for bathroom, toilet and related living facilities are often below western standards and are very primitive in many places.

In most cases, the accommodations provided to You through the Host Family will consist of a separate bedroom, a shared lounge area, a shared bath room, and accessible toilets. However, depending on the exact situation, You may be required to share a bedroom in the Host Family’s home with other Participants.

Any accommodations provided as part of a Placement are intended solely for use by Participants. No visitors of any Participant are permitted to make any use of any accommodations or meals provided by the Host Family.

If You choose to spend time away from the accommodations provided during the Project Period, such as on an overnight trip that You organize, You do so at Your own cost and neither SLVP nor the Host Family will refund or reimburse You for accommodation costs incurred by You during time spent away from the Host Family.


2.5.2 Meals. Through the Host Family, You are provided local foods, two to three times per day, for each day during the Project Period. The Host Family typically serves a family meal for all to eat and does not serve separate meals for You and/or each individual Participant. In certain circumstances, You may wish to supplement the provided meals with food purchased by You, particularly if You prefer a western diet. In such cases, You may wish to account for this contingency in Your personal finances and budget. Upon request, the Host Family will also provide boiled water for drinking and brushing teeth. The Host Family does not provide any mineral water, special diets or other beverage types. If You have a special or unique diet, You may contact the Country Coordinator and request assistance and the Country Coordinator may attempt to assist You but neither SLVP nor the Host Family has any obligation to assist You with special dietary needs. If You require any additional dietary or other supplements to the meals provided through the Host Family, You must make such arrangements as You deem necessary at Your own personal expense. All meals provided during the Project Period are provided exclusively through the Host Family so You are solely responsible for all meals while away from the Host Family. No refund or other reimbursement is available if You decide to spend time away from the Host Family during the Project Period.


2.6 Travel Insurance. SLVP does NOT offer any insurance and liability coverage for Participants. You are solely responsible to buy your own insurance for the entire project period. You are solely responsible for evaluating and determining the type, extent and levels of any insurance coverage You may need or desire during the Project Period, including, without limitation, coverage for: light work; the cost of cancellation of the Placement by You; the cost of assistance including repatriation in the event of accident or illness; legal liability and expenses; lost baggage; cancelled flights; medical expenses; kidnapping; death, liability arising due to personal injury to You or a third party; and cancellation of your Placement for any other reason. You are also solely responsible for maintaining any necessary insurance documents with You as may be needed to prove any insurance coverage available to You. SLVP will not be liable for any damages resulting from Your failure to buy appropriate insurance.


2.7. Conservation Volunteer Program (applicable only to participants applying for Conservation Volunteer Program).

Participating in the Conservation Project involves some level of risk of injury, up to and including death of the volunteer participant. Conservation Project Volunteers will come into contact with wild animals which can act unpredictably and may be capable of inflicting serious bodily injury upon humans. Conservation Project Volunteers are to presume all animals that they come into contact with as a result of their participation in the Conservation Project are wild animals and as such dangerous. Although some animals in the project may be tame, they are still wild animals and Conservation Project Volunteers must treat them as wild animals at all times. Should a volunteer have any questions about what conduct is appropriate when dealing with wild animals and/or any specific animals they may encounter in the Conservation Project they should direct such questions to the local partner on their project. Further, due to the nature of the Conservation Project volunteers can be exposed to additional hazards in addition to those associated with dealing with wild animals. While our local partner takes every precaution to ensure the safety of volunteers participating the Conservation Project you undertake all programs and associated expeditions entirely at your own risk. Considering the nature of the Conservation Project volunteers assume all risks of injury, up to and including death, property damage, and any and all other losses and damages whatsoever that may result from their participation in the Conservation Project, and all volunteers agree that SLVP shall not be liable for any and all injury, up to and including death, damage to property, and/or any and all other loss or damages resulting from the volunteers participation in the Conservation Project. Further, the volunteers participating in the Conservation Project agree that the above shall be binding upon the participant’s dependants, heirs, legatees, estate, executors, administrators, and assigns. The volunteer, and his/her dependents, heirs, executors, administrators or assigns through the volunteers agreement to participate in the Conservation Project, hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless SLVP, its members, managers, employees, representatives, assigns, and agents from any claims of whatsoever nature and from any liability for delay, loss, damage, injury, property damage, illness, death, or any and all other damages or losses arising from any cause whatsoever out of events related to, occurring, or in any and all other way connected to the participants involvement in the Conservation Project.


2.8. Issues and Problems. You agree to deal directly with SLVP offices for any issues and/or problems (not with project coordinators/ partners).

2.9. Web Information. Information provided on SLVP’s website is generic in nature. SLVP works with number of local projects offering volunteer and travel programs. The nature of these programs varies from placement to placement. Therefore, SLVP does not guarantee complete accuracy of the information contained on the website. Volunteers agree to further verify all information prior to departure.


3. Responsibilities of Applicant

3.1 Payment of Program Fees. In consideration for SLVP’s services in planning and arranging Your Placement and/or Program, You hereby agree to timely pay to SLVP all of the Program Fees informed you as per the project confirmation letter from Us. Note: Participants requiring expedited placements or date changes may be assessed an additional fee.


3.2 Placements and Projects. You hereby agree to be open and flexible in accepting Placements and/or Projects within the Host Country You have indicated as Your preference and You agree, understand and acknowledge that SLVP has relied upon Your agreement to be flexible in accepting Your Placement and/or Project. If, prior to Your arrival in the Host Country, You are dissatisfied with the Placement and/or Project selected for You, SLVP reserves the right to seek an alternative Placement and/or Project on Your behalf no extra charge to You. If You are still not satisfied with the alternative Placement and/or Project that has been selected, You are entitled to cancel this Agreement and to refund of any Program Fees that may be refundable pursuant to Section 5 below.


3.3 Applicant Information. You hereby authorize SLVP to collect and retain personal information about You in connection with Your application with Us and You agree to provide additional information about You as requested by SLVP. Such information to be collected and considered by SLVP in reviewing Your application includes, but is not limited to, references, employment history, health history and medical information, social security and driver’s license numbers, current and previous mailing addresses, criminal background check and family members. You agree, understand and acknowledge that SLVP may use Your personal information in company promotion materials (newsletter) or share Your personal information with the Project Staff, Volunteer Coordinators, Host Family and similar persons or entities in connection with possible Placements and/or Projects for You. If SLVP should determine, in its sole discretion, that You are unsuitable for any Placement, You agree that SLVP may terminate Your application request by notifying You of the termination. Upon any such termination, You agree that You are only entitled to any refunds that may be specifically required pursuant to section 5 below.

3.4 Performance of Volunteer Services for Project. For the entire duration of the Project Period, You hereby agree that You shall provide voluntary employment services in connection with the Project, as requested and directed from time-to-time by the Project Staff. You hereby agree to join Your Project on the correct date and to continue work on the Project throughout the duration of the Project Period.

3.5 Respect and Adhere to Local Culture, Customs, and Laws. Sri Lanka is an Asian country which is different from western culture. It is Your responsibility to understand and follow the local culture, customs and laws during Your entire stay in the Country. You agree to dress appropriately, respecting the culture of your Host Country and Host Family.

3.6 Project Rules and Requirements. In addition to the contractual requirements imposed upon You in this Agreement and the applicable laws of the Host Country, You are required to follow and adhere to any specific rules and/or requirements established by the Volunteer Coordinators for the applicable Host Country and any rules and/or requirements applicable to the specific Project. Please contact SLVP if You are concerned about any rules and/or regulations of Volunteer Coordinators and/or Project Staff or if You wish to read any such rules and/or regulations prior to executing this Agreement.

3.7 Contacting the Country Coordinator. You are required to contact the Country Coordinator and inform him or her of Your arrival and provide a carbon copy of such contact to Us. You are required to ensure that the Country Coordinator acknowledges and responds to Your message.

3.8 Sri Lanka, a Developing Country. Due to the fact that Sri Lanka is a developing country and generally limited to primitive goods, services and resources, You agree, understand and acknowledge that You will not be provided and shall not expect to receive luxurious or superior accommodations and/or meals during the Project Period.


3.9 Contact Information. You agree that it shall be Your sole responsibility to retain and carry with You any and all necessary contact information, including the address and telephone number of the contact hotel and the Country Coordinator so that You may contact them in the event any need should arise.

3.10 Responsibility for Program Acceptance. You agree that it is ultimately Your responsibility to make sure that the assigned Project is the best Project for You and Your needs.

You also agree, understand and acknowledge that You are solely responsible for thoroughly researching the Host Country and Project selected for You, including contacting other Participants who have already worked in a particular Host Country or Project, to satisfy any and all of Your information needs before You pay the applicable Program Fees.


3.11 Compliance with Host Family Rules. You agree to respect the culture and follow the rules of the Host Family. Host Families in Sri Lanka can be very sensitive to cultural differences and it is Your responsibility to discuss cultural issues with the Country Coordinator and/or Host Family.

3.12 Visitors. If You would like to bring a friend for a night or brief visit, You must first get permission from the Host Family. However, opposite genders are not allowed to stay in a room together unless You are a married couple or engaged to be married.

3.13 Valuables. You agree and acknowledge that You will not leave any valuable belongings unattended or in any room without a lock and that SLVP is not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damaged, lost or stolen items.

3.14 Personal Care. You agree that it is Your responsibility to clean Your own room, clothes, and personal use items during the Project Period and to bring any necessary sleeping bags or other accessories needed for personal use during Your stay with the Host Family. You further agree that You may not and will not use any personal belongings of the Host Family such as TV, telephone, AC or any other facilities without prior permission. For any such use, You agree to separately pay for these products and services and acknowledge that the Program Fees do not cover any such items.

3.15. Responsibility for Travel. You agree, understand and acknowledge that You will be solely responsible for arranging and paying for Your own travel, specifically including all airfare to and from the Host Country and local transportation. It is Your responsibility to carry all necessary documents while you travel overseas. You agree that SLVP shall not be responsible for any supporting documents necessary for Your travel needs or other purposes. You agree that SLVP is not responsible for any airfare or for any other charges that may result from canceling, changing or transferring flights or other arrangements which may result or occur as a result of Your Placement and/or Project being revised, cancelled, terminated or otherwise modified due to Force Majeure and/or any event and/or circumstances outside SLVP’s control.

SLVP does not cover any of Your travel to Our local contact office. Program Fees do not cover in-country transportation, unless expressly listed in the Project description (such as the Mini-adventure or portions of the language and culture programs).

3.16. Personal Expenses. You agree, understand and acknowledge that You are solely responsible for all of Your personal expenses during your Placement, which includes but is not limited to the cost of daily transportation to and from Your Host Family accommodations and Your Project.


3.17 Prohibition Against Direct Contact. You agree, understand and acknowledge that SLVP has invested considerable resources in securing Your Placement and/or Project. As a consequence, You agree that You shall not directly contact any Project Staff, Volunteer Coordinator, school or any other similar contact or resource provided or otherwise disclosed to You by SLVP and You agree that You shall not, under any circumstances, directly enter into any services arrangement with any such person or entity without SLVP’s prior written approval that conflicts with any of Your obligations hereunder to SLVP. In the event of any breach by You of this subsection 3.17, You agree that You shall remain fully obligated to pay SLVP for all Program Fees agreed as per the project confirmation letter.

3.18. Personal Liability. You agree that You are and shall remain personally and solely liable for Your conduct, actions and/or omissions within the Host Country, including, without limitation, any damages You and/or Your guests may cause: (i) to the Host Family and/or accommodations provided by the Host Family; (ii) to the Project Staff and/or the Project; and (iii) any person or property located within the Host Country.

3.19. Project Facilities. You agree that You shall not make any personal use of any Project facilities without the prior consent of the Project Staff.

3.20. Passports. You agree that You are solely responsible for ensuring that You have and maintain a valid passport that is acceptable to the immigration authorities of the Host Country of Your Placement and which will remain valid for the duration of the Project Period and for a period of at least 3 months after the termination of the Project Period.

3.21. Responsibility for Immunizations and Medical Conditions. You agree that it is and shall remain Your sole responsibility to ensure that You have taken appropriate medical advice from your doctor and that you have received all of the appropriate inoculations, immunizations and medical treatments with respect to the Host Country. In addition, You agree that you are solely responsible for bringing with You and maintaining any necessary/recommended medications or medical equipment (such as syringes, water sterilization tablets and malaria tablets). You also agree to take reasonable steps to keep Yourself in good health by taking any such medications and not taking part in any high risk activities during your Placement which could compromise Your health.

3.21.1 Medical Disclosures. You agree that You will fully disclosed to Us any and all medical conditions and health issues that are relevant to Your Placement before departure and Your work on any Project. You agree that if You provide any incorrect or false information to us, You will be solely responsible for any results and/or legal consequences under the laws of the respective Host Country and/or the United States. If You have given any incorrect or false information about Your medical or mental health conditions, You will be removed from the program immediately and You agree that You automatically waive and forfeit any right to any reimbursements otherwise payable pursuant to section 5 hereof.

3.23.2 Special Medical Needs. If You have any special medical needs or conditions or if You need special help, You agree to inform Us in writing, at least thirty days prior to Your departure for Sri Lanka. Medical facilities may limited in some areas in Sri Lanka so You are solely responsible for verifying that any medical treatments and/or facilities that You need or anticipated needing to accommodate Your medical needs are available near the location of Your Project.

3.24 Food and Water. Water and food safety and sanitation in some rural areas in Sri Lanka may not be up to good standard. As a consequence, tap water and local foods from smaller restaurants and food vendors is much more likely to be polluted, contaminated or contain impurities that could be harmful if digested. For theses reasons, You agree that You are solely responsible for avoiding the consumption of tap water and avoiding foods from roadside vendors and/or cheap restaurants. Any consumption of tap water, without boiling it first, or eating foods from roadside vendors or similar sources may result in diarrhea or more serious ailments.

3.25 Travel Advisories. It is Your sole responsibility to investigate and adhere to any travel warnings from Your governmental agencies. You agree that SLVP shall bear no obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any liability resulting from Your failure to follow any travel advisories. You hereby agree that You are solely responsible and do hereby assume all personal risks of traveling to and working in the Host Country.

3.26 Visas. In all cases, a visa is required for entering the Host Country to provide Volunteer services. If you do not obtain a tourist Visa, you are solely responsible for any consequences that may follow . You Agree to obtain tourist visa before leaving Your home Country. You agree, understand and acknowledge that You are solely responsible for arranging, obtaining and/or extending Your visa, including payment of any and all fees associated with Your visa.

3.26.1 Visa Restrictions. You acknowledge that Sri Lanka do not offer visas specifically for volunteers and work permits are often very difficult or impossible to obtain. Many volunteers choose to enter Sri Lanka on a tourist visa. You acknowledge that, technically, You may not be authorized to work in that Host Country on a tourist visa, either with or without pay, but it may be the only way that You are allowed into the Host Country and many Host Countries are tolerant of volunteers who are present on tourist visas. However, there is no guarantee that this will remain the position in the Host Country and You therefore agree, understand and acknowledge that there is a risk that You could have problems with local immigration authorities, particularly if You are offered and accept any form of payment for Your volunteer services. You agree that You are solely responsible for ensuring that You have obtained a visa that is appropriate for You in the situation explained above and for the costs of obtaining such a visa.

3.27 Prohibited Activities. You agree that You shall not engage in any missionary activities, criminal activities, illegal drug use or trafficking, interactions with terrorist groups, or any political activities. You agree that You will not travel alone after dark or engage in any other reckless or negligent conduct that could impact your welfare or safety such as alcohol abuse or ingesting any other drugs. You further agree that You will not swim in any open rivers or travel alone in dense forest or isolated areas where you may get lost. You agree that You will not drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes inside SLVP projects and host family premises. You also agree that You will not engage in any sexual or other activities which may be offensive to local culture and custom of host family. You also agree to respect the privacy and welfare of other volunteers living in the same hostel/hotel/host family. Failure to obey any of the above conditions will lead to immediate cancellation of your involvement in the Project and removal from the Host Family premises and You hereby forfeit and waive any rights to any reimbursement that may otherwise be provided in section 5 hereof.

3.28. Resolution of Complaints. It is Your responsibility to first try to resolve any complaints through the Host Family or Project Staff before contacting SLVP. However, if the problem is persist or not solved, You shall contact SLVP immediately. SLVP will promptly contact the relevant Coordinator and any other parties involved in the resolution of the issue.

3.28.1. You agree that volunteer and travel program is not a guided tour. You agree that the program and travel itineraries are mere samples and are likely to change. You agree to be patient and flexible.

3.28.2. You agree that SLVP pays funds (for accommodations, meals, etc.) in advance and is not able to have these funds returned to SLVP once payment has been remitted. Therefore, SLVP is not able to refund these funds to you. You understand the limitations of refunding and the importance of solving Your issues within your project. You understand and agree that full refund is impossible.

3.28.3. In the event you fail to attempt to resolve your complaint or problem first with the Host Family, Project Staff or Country Coordinator before contacting SLVP you agree that Your claim for a refund will not be valid and you will not receive any refund whatsoever.

3.29 For the general complaints you agree to follow the following complaints management stepsSubmit Written Complaints: All complaints that are submitted to SLVP must be submitted in writing and signed by You, which shall be deemed to constitute a representation by You that all statements contained in the complaint are true and correct. SLVP does not accept complaints submitted by emails. While submitting complaints, You agree not to complain about the limitations of SLVP program and services we never promised (our services, limitation of programs, and your responsibilities are explicitly given in many sub sections of terms and conditions)

Country Coordinator’s reply: Once we receive your written signed complaints, SLVP will forward it to the relevant coordinator for response. SLVP also collect information to verify your complaints from project staffs (where you worked), host family, project coordinator, and relevant witnesses.

Verification and Decision: Upon collection of all information about your complaints from host country, SLVP will fairly analyse your complaints and make a decision. While making verification, we carefully analyse the facts, our promised services, and whether you violated the terms and conditions

Refund: If SLVP concludes that we failed to offer the promised services, we will give a partial refund after deducting the actual cost incurred on you. However, no refund will be made if we determine your complaints are not true, biased, untrue, or you consistently ignore coordinators warning or violated terms and conditions or ignore limitation of our program (outlined in many subsections in the terms and conditions)

Time Period: completion of all complaints verification, analysis, decision, and refund (if necessary) generally takes 2-3 months.


4. Program Fees and Application Procedure


4.1 Payment of Program Fees. In consideration for SLVP’s services in planning and arranging a Placement and Program for You, You agree that You shall timely pay to SLVP all of the Program Fees agreed.

4.2 Non-refundable Deposit. Upon completion of Your initial application form, You shall pay a non-refundable deposit to SLVP in the amount of US$ 135, which represents a portion of your Program Fees. The payment of the deposit to SLVP shall be, in all cases, non-refundable.

4.3 Application Procedures. Upon receipt of Your initial application and deposit, We will send You an acknowledgment, which includes confirmation of Your initial application form, which includes a schedule identifying the details of the deposit that You have paid Us and the deadline for Your payment to Us of the remaining balance of the Program Fees. We will begin to arrange Your Placement once You have fully completed booking process. You will be advised of Your confirmed Placement and Project as soon as reasonably possible.

4.4 Payment of Balance of Program Fees. You hereby agree to pay to Us the remaining balance of the Program Fees at least 15 days prior to Your scheduled arrival date of Your Placement

4.5 Confirmation of Placement. We will provide You with the final details of Your Placement not less than 7 days before your Placement start date.

4.6 Requested Revisions. If You wish to revise Your Placement and/or Project after it has been confirmed by SLVP, We will use reasonable efforts to make the requested changes, provided We receive Your requested revisions in writing and there is sufficient time to do so. The minimum notice We require in order to make a requested revision is 30 days prior to Placement start date. If You accept the revisions We offer in response to Your request, You agree to immediately pay a minimum charge of USD$25 to cover the costs incurred by Us in connection with any requested revision to Your Placement or Project. No revisions will be implemented without advance payment of the specified fee.

4.7 Completion of Application. We reserve the right to postpone Your arrival date at Your Placement if You do not complete all of the required forms and timely pay to Us the total remaining balance owed by You in connection with the Program Fees. The final deadline for receipt of Your completed application form, including this Agreement, and full payment of the Program Fees is 28 days before Your scheduled arrival date at Your Placement.


5. Cancellation and Refund Policy


5.1 Refund Policy and Considerations. Compared to similar companies that provide comparable comprehensive volunteer service opportunities, SLVP’s Program Fees are significantly low than the fees charged by other such companies and Participants are encouraged to compare SLVP’s Program Fees to the fees charged by other similar programs. As a consequence, SLVP operates on a much smaller profit margin and is therefore unable to provide and does not provide an open refund policy. It is solely Your decision to join our Program and no Applicant should participate in Our Programs if the Applicant feels that he or she is paying more for the services than Applicant will be receiving from Our Program. SLVP commits significant resources to arranging each Placement and Project. In most Projects, payments to Volunteer Coordinators, Project Staff and/or the Host Family are made well in advance to pay for their commitments and services. SLVP is unable to recover these advance payments so SLVP is required to adopt and enforce a strict policy against refunds, except as otherwise specifically provided in subsection 5.2 below.

5.2 Refund Restrictions. Your payment of the US$ 135 deposit to SLVP pursuant to subsection 4.2 is strictly non-refundable under any and all circumstances.

5.2.5 Cancellation On or After Start of Project Period. If You notify SLVP of a requested cancellation of a Project on or after the start of the Project Period, no refund whatsoever will be made to You under any conditions or for any reasons.

5.3 Cancellation of Project by SLVP. If SLVP cancels a Project before the start of the Project Period, SLVP will provide You a full refund of the applicable Program Fees. If SLVP cancels a Project after the start of the Project Period because of a sudden outbreak of disease, political instability, natural disaster or similar condition beyond Our control, SLVP will refund to You a portion of the Program Fees based upon the remaining weeks in the Project Period. The weekly rate ranges from $50-150 per week depending upon the particular Program. No refunds for the airfare or other travel-associated expenses will be paid or reimbursed.

5.5 Payment of Refunds. Any refunds payable hereunder by SLVP will be made to You within ninety (90) days from confirmation of cancellation.


6. Termination of Agreement


6.1 Immediate Termination of Agreement by SLVP. SLVP reserves the right to immediately terminate this Agreement by giving You written notice of termination if any of the following events occur: (i) SLVP discovers that You are involved in any illegal activities or convicted of any criminal activities before or during the Project Period; (ii) Your behavior, actions and/or conduct is deemed threatening or unacceptable offensive in the judgment of the Project Staff and/or the Country Coordinator or otherwise causes fear or distress to any member or guest of the Host Family or anyone else involved in the Project; or (iii) you provide to SLVP incorrect or false information about Your medical or mental health conditions. Any such termination pursuant to this subsection 6.1 shall be effective from the date of notice of termination and You agree that You shall not be entitled to any refund whatsoever.

6.2 Termination After Notice and Cure Opportunity. SLVP reserves the right to terminate this Agreement by giving You written notice of termination if any of the following events occur: (i) the Project Staff and/or our Coordinators feel that You are not fulfilling Your responsibilities and duties under this Agreement; (ii) You refuse to accept and perform Your volunteer services under this Agreement; or (iii) You violate any term of this Agreement. In the event SLVP elects to terminate this Agreement for any of the grounds provided in this subsection 6.2 above, SLVP will first give You written notice identifying the violation alleged by SLVP and You will have ten (10) days from notice to remedy the alleged violation. If You fail to remedy the alleged violation within the specified cure period, SLVP may proceed to terminate this Agreement by giving You written notice of termination. No refunds whatsoever shall be recoverable or payable to You in the event of any termination of this Agreement pursuant to this subsection 6.2.

6.3 Effect of Termination. In the event of any termination hereunder, You shall be required to immediately leave and empty the Host Family premises and the Project premises. If you fail to immediately empty and avoid the Host Family premises and/or Project premises, appropriate legal action may be initiated against You as is necessary to compel Your compliance. In all events, SLVP shall bear no responsibility or liability for any termination hereunder and You are solely responsible for any costs of return travel, meals and/or alternative living arrangements.